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    Kame at Dreamboys 2009


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    Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by Yin on Sat Sep 05, 2009 2:39 pm

    Dreamboys started yesterday
    he are the preview of the goodies in my lj

    and I would like to know if someone saw reports?
    What about the story? and Kame perfs?

    I know he sang 1582, some news show him and I saw some reports in japanese too but I didn't understand anything lol

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:46 pm

    Yeah, I'll be translating some reports. :3 I'm at LA atm though, so depending on what my family decides to do, things might be kinda slow this weekend (that and the internet here sucks). ;-; Apparently, the story is basically the same but there's changes here and there.

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by Yin on Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:14 pm

    ok thank you ^^
    You're in vacation in LA?

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Sat Sep 05, 2009 5:42 pm

    Visiting family. xD

    First the basics, everyone's roles. Btw, most of my reports will probably be from tomocchi aka bathkame and ryoka aka kame suru?.

    Kazuya→ Kamenashi Kazuya. Idol unit's center. Proposes the break up of his group and after the break up gets casted in a movie about half of boxer Subaru's life.

    Subaru→ Shibutani Subaru. After his idol group's break up he becomes a boxing champion, but his skull becomes cracked and his career becomes uncertain. Naoki's elder brother.

    Yuuya→ Tegoshi Yuuya. After the break up of his idol group, he and his friends aim for the music's summit, doing activities as an artist. He appears as the artist who sings the boxing movie's theme song.

    Makoto→ Makoto Tsubasa. Movie's creator. Plans evil deeds. Naoki's mother.

    Madam Mine→ Mine Saori. Kazuya's production head. Kazuya's mother.

    ABC-Z, ミススノーマン→

    members of Tegoshi's idol group
    (Kawai, Goseki, Tsuka, ナベショー、阿倍、佐久間)

    Subaru's boxing gym pals
    (Tottsu, Hasshi, Fukka, 真田、野沢、宮館, 岩本)

    Sorry, I don't know the jrs very well. orz Next I'll get the setlist

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:01 pm

    The people in () is who performs it... I'm just going to use Kame and Tego instead of Kazuya and Yuuya, k? xD; And I'm kinda hungry right now so I might make mistakes with translating the song titles. x.o

    From day 1

    * scenes
    ・ the diff. perfs

    ◎Act 1◎
    *The 3 guys' last concert
    ・Over ture
    ・Day by Day(Kame)
    ・Want You Back(Tego)
    ・Dice Crazy Game(Subaru)
    ・Next Dream(All)
    ・Ore ni mo Kodomo no goro ga atta [I also had a childhood](Tego)
    *Filming area
    ・Get a Chance(Tego&Tego's group-A.B.C&ミススノ)
    ・One night(Kame)
    ・Hoshi no Hikaru Sora [The starlit sky](Kame)
    *Sorezore no Omoi [Every Dream/Thought/etc]
    ・Sorezore no Omoi [Every Dream/Thought/etc](Kame dance)
    *Subaru's Gym
    ・Come into mine World(Subaru&Tego)
    ・Fight Man(Subaru)
    ・Aishiteiru kara [Because I Love You](Kame)
    *Yuuya's Studio
    ・Ai nante [Things like Love](Tego&Tego's group-A.B.C&ミススノ)
    *The waiting room of the match・The match
    ・The air
    ・Lost My way(Kame)
    ・The fire
    ・The Rope
    *Kazuya's Nightmare
    *TV Channel
    ・Aishiteiru kara(Tego&Tego's group-A.B.C&ミススノ)
    *Subaru's hospital room
    ・Aishiteiru kara(Tego, only 1 line acapella)

    ~30min Intermission~

    ◎Act 2◎
    *Neighborhood's back alleyway
    ・Fight All Night VS All of me for you(A.B.C-Z&ミススノ except Tottsu)
    ・Get it!!(Kame)
    *The Fall
    ・Kokoro-tachi no Uta[Can't figure out how to word kokoro-tachi sorry x.x](Subaru)
    *Yuuya's Studio
    ・Kizuna(Yuuya, Subaru, A.B.C-Z, ミススノ)
    ・Next Dream(All)

    ・Koi no ABO(Tego)
    ・Star right(Subaru&FIVE)
    ・Real Face(Kame, Tego, Subaru)
    ・Kibou ~Yell~(Kame, Tego, Subaru)
    ・Zukkoke Otokomichi(Kame, Tego, Subaru)
    ・Miso Soup(Kame, Tego, Subaru)
    ・No more wait(ミススノ)
    ・A to Z(A.B.C-Z)
    ・I am Always Here(All)
    *Curtain Call
    *Double Curtain Call

    Tomocchi has a really detailed report so I'll try to translate that. Probably in parts because it iiiis really long.

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by Yin on Sat Sep 05, 2009 6:43 pm

    ohhh Kame sang aishiteru kara and 1582 awesome *o*
    and Subaru sang with Five and Fight man

    A lot of scenes had change .. even if the story is the same, the production of the play is different. tegoshi seems to hava more scene than his predecessors...
    Thank you very, I will wait for the rest ^^

    and good visit to your family ^^

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:27 pm

    Tomocchi's report day 1

    This is pretty much word for word. ^^ All of Tomocchi's comments are still in there because I like them. xP Her stuff is always spazzy and fun to read...

    ◎Act 1◎
    (Inside, same as before, around 5min before the curtains rise a Jr. in a clown suit walks down the audience isles!
    真田「Please turn off your cellphone!」
    After that, again same as before, a clown appears with his cellphone ringing pururururu!
    Kawai「Hello~! This is Pie-ru Fumi! Everyone, if you don't quickly take your seats you won't be able to see Kamenashi-kun- You won't like it if it's only Kawai-kun right? *laugh*)
    *The 3 guys' last concert
    ・Over ture
    (Mine「That idol unit's breakup live will start soon...」
    I could see the orchestra pit from my seat so I was like "Gya-! The gondola's moving so Kame-chan might appear from below!!!"
    But when the curtains rose the 3 guys entered in a row!! Gyaaaaaaa-----
    It's from that--- direction!!!!
    Wearing white clothes, the three came out in a row sparkling and I felt a nostalgic feeling so I wailed a lot (;Д;) The 3's fighting spirit, power, aura and such could be directly felt
    Like we're sitting and watching and although there's ~1000+ people here but it felt like we'd lose! Kame-chan's fighting spirit is no joke!
    His hair was center-parted and it was a soft wavy, kinda bright brown color with a "Kazuya" feeling!
    The intro for 「Next Dream」 played)

    ・Day by Day(Kame! He rode the gondola from the bottom and appeared here!!! The illuminating deorations on the gondola were like of Disneyland parades and Kame rode while singing and he was so cool that it was surely dream land!!!!! It looked costly! He sings changed in deep red clothes, but the only thing I remember 「♪Day B~y Da~y」! *laughs* It was a comparitively bright and up-tempo song! Appearance is cute♪)
    ・Want You Back(Yuuya!Changed to amber clothes!)
    ・Dice Crazy Game(Subaru!Changed to black clothes!)

    ・Next Dream(All of them!
    This song came as usual! I'm happy that I get to hear this song again
    The guys line up in their red, amber, black and are really flashy! Next Dream's arrangement changed a bit too!
    The 3 line up on a huge frame and sing, and once the song ends

    Mine「Good workー!!!」
    It goes on as is on stage!
    Mine「Is it really ok to disband?
    Although Kazuya proposed it」
    Kazuya「Like you know- I want to try lots of various things!」
    Subaru「This time I agree. It's fine if everyone does what they want to do.」
    Mine「But I feel that it'll be wasteful if you disband when you're at the peak of your popularity」
    Kazuya「But isn't it ok!? If we don't disband when we're at our peak! After we reach the top the only thing you can do is fall right?
    Subaru, what are you doing to do?」
    Subaru「I'm going to become a boxer!」
    Kazuya「You're ok with doing that?」
    Makoto「Subaru's at 6 matches 6 losses!」
    Kazuya「Yuuya, what are you going to do?」
    Yuuya「I'm thinking about joining with these guys and becoming an artist that'll aim to cross the world!」
    Kazuya「(points to ナベショー) With this guy that has bangs like this!? *laughs*」
    Yuuya「Yeah! *laughs*」
    Kazuya「This might be the last time we meet huh!
    See ya-!」
    Everyone「Bye bye! See you!」
    Yuuya「Ka~zuya♪Bye bye♪」
    Kazuya「Te~goshi♪Bye bye♪」←So cute(*´д`*)
    They all part and only the 3 guys are left on the frame.
    The frame splits to 3 pieces and the 3 guys also split up.
    Kazuya「With this we became separated.」
    Yuuya「A kid came become an adult, but an adult cannot return to being a kid.
    As if to disprove that theory」
    Like that, the lines from last time are there just as it was! Yuuya said both Koki's and Yabu's lines by himself! And then just Yuuya is left on stage)
    ・Ore ni mo Kodomo no goro ga atta [I also had a childhood] (Yuuya!
    Tegoshi here was super super good at singing that I got goosebumps!!!!!
    Then during the intermission I immediately did an imitation of Yuuya's 「♪Se~venty~~~~~」*laughs* Tegoshi was good enough that you'd think he was Susan Boyle!!!! This is the song that Anderson sang each time, right♪)

    *Filming location
    (Makoto「Action!!!!」←Kita━━━(゚∀゚)━━━ !!!!! *laughs*)
    ・Get a Chance(Yuuya&Yuuya's group -A.B.C&ミススノ!
    Makoto「This time's leading actor is Kazuya!!!」
    Then Kame-chan wearing a purple gown came from the inner part of the stage on the gondola, but the spotlight was really striking him and at that point he was so lovely that tears came out)

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Sat Sep 05, 2009 9:28 pm

    Tomocchi's day 1 repo cont.

    ・One night(Kame!
    Gugyaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! *vomits blood*
    Kame-chan's beauty as he flies taking off the purple gown(;Д;)!!!!!!!!
    Hyaaaaaaaaaaaa-------- It's Dream Boys------
    This is Dream Booooys--- Here my feelings really came out!!!!!! It's Dream Boys---- (;Д;)!!
    But same as last time during the same song Subaru's group tresspasses and the filming stops!
    Tottsu「It's troubling! If you do things your own way!」
    Kazuya「But this is that right? This is a movie about a guy who became champion just through his spirit right? Isn't this much just right?」
    Tottsu「You *insert cuss*!!!」
    With that kinda feeling... I was really surprised that Tottsu became such a wild role!
    Subaru「If you're going to do it with half hearted feelings then stop it」
    Kazuya「Ah. Then it's fine. I'm stopping! Considering it's me, it's amazing that I even continued for a week isn't it?」
    Yuuya「Kazuya, stop it already!!」
    Kazuya「You, you're aiming for the music's top right?
    Don't do things like this and look somewhere else. See ya-!」
    3 Jrs who were dancing in the back「If we stop like this we can't bear it! *slang*」
    「We have to look for another part time job」
    Hasshi「You guys hurry up and go home」
    That kind of flow! I don't remember all the lines, but the flow didn't change from before!
    Then just Subaru's group is left
    Naoki(大塚)「Big brother!!!!」
    Like this, the flow didn't change from before!)

    ・Hoshi no Hikaru Sora (Kame! It was without change here too!
    Makoto「Yuuya-kun, I know you're hiding over there」
    Yuuya(On a boat with a towel on while hiding, while removing the towel)「Kazuya!!!」
    Kazuya「Eh...Eh? O, Oh! *laughs*」
    Yuuya「I'm facing that way right now!」
    He walks across the water normally! *laughs
    Kazuya「Eh, just wait a minute! That's a body of water there just so you know! *laughs*」
    Yuuya「I practiced this time! I practiced walking on water for DREAM BOYS! *laughs*」
    Kazuya「Practice!? You practiced~! *laughs* Well then that's fine!」
    Then he extands his arm and helps Yuuya up!
    Kazuya「Look, everyone's a fish. There's a ton」
    Yuuya「Everyone's a fish? *laughs* But they're wearing clothes」
    Kazuya「They wear clothes [fish]!」
    Yuuya「By "wearing clothes" don't you mean just the bottom? *laughs*」
    Kazuya「Gyahaha! Those are merpeople! *laughs*
    These fishes are properly wearing a top too! Shell like things! *laughs*」
    (←I kept thinking yesterday that he said 「pai-like things」so I was like 「Kame-chan, is it ok for you to say it so straight forwardly!」! *laughs* Then I saw my friend's blog and I realized「Ah, it was "shell"」! *laughs*)
    Kazuya「So, What did you want to say?」
    Yuuya「The truth is, I got an offer from Makoto-san to sing the movie's theme song, but the condition is『Offer Kazuya』so...」
    Kazuya「That's why you were so insistant in asking me」
    Yuuya「To tell you the truth I was paid in advance」
    カズヤ「... you, why are you borrowing your pay from Makoto-san?
    But, well, if you get a chance again, do your best!」
    Makoto「But you know, Yuuya-kun doesn't have any money to return to me!」
    Yuuya「But it's ok! You don't have to worry about it Kazuya!」
    Kazuya「.... But I don't have anything to do with it so.. Plus I'm busy too!
    I have to become a teacher at Akadou Acadamy! See you!」
    Gyahahahaha!! Odagiri Ryu's second job was being Kazuya! *laughs*)

    *Sorezore no Omoi
    ・Sorezore no Omoi(Kame dance!
    First in this scene, Subaru, Tego, come out and dance in that order but the only one with a dance is Kame-chan who comes out at the end! At this time the dance was rather a sexy style involving female dancers, and it had super sexy♪ steps, and the appearance was the same as the female dancers so it was like a feminine-feeling and too sexy!
    By the way, the screen silhouette's picture was
    Kid!Kazuya「Mom, today I won the baseball match!!!
    Mine「You're annoying!!! I'm working right now so please leave me alone!!!」
    Like that kind of feeling, and I understood the setting a bit)
    ・Come into mine World(Subaru&Tegoshi!!! Both of them sing but they're both really good at singing huh! Or their voices are really similar!)

    ・Fight Man(Subaru!
    When the song ends Kazuya appears too! Kazuya kneeling on the ground!
    Tottsu-「Oi oi, Kazuya's kneeling! Hyahyahya!」
    Subaru「What on earth's your intention」
    Kazuya「My bad! Can you let me do your part once more?
    I thought about it and abandoning it midway's kinda that too, and this time I'll do it properly until the end!」
    Subaru「...There's a condition. Have a match with me.」
    Kazuya「A match?」
    Like that, the flow here's the same too! Kazuya's apology is a bit lighter than before♪)

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:10 pm

    Ok, back from LA but that car ride made me nauseous.

    I'll just do the smaller reports first now.

    Today(9/7)'s guests were Nishioka Tsuyoshi (the baseball player who's Kame's friend if you don't remember) and Nakamaru. The guests uhh yesterday? the day before that? was HeySayJump... I'll write the basic reports after I wake up lol... it's 5am right now orz

    /edit/ Oh yeah, apparently Dewi Sukarno was sitting next to Johnny for one of the shows too

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:41 pm

    Kikunosuke Onoe also came to one of the shows

    Flowers for Kame arrived from Nishioka Tsuyoshi, Itou Misaki (main actress for Sapuri if you don't remember)

    Dewi Sukarno apparently highly praised Kame and said she's been his fan for a while in her blog but ameba's down atm so I'll have to wait another 2h-ish before I can access the post. orz

    Still from the first day, since Tomocchi covered a lot of it, I'll just write random bits (these are the short reports from kame suru?/ryoka)

    Sorezore no Omoi - More interaction between Kame & the female dancers than last year

    Aishiteiru kara - Kame just sings a part of the song, first bit is just him + the guitar like in the con

    Yuuya's studio (Aishiteiru kara) - Tego's ver is a more uptempo song, it's Yuuya's debut song

    There's a new song which requires a lot of heavy dancing and fans seem to be quite impressed with it.

    Show Time
    1582 - The crowd went nuts the moment they realized it was 1582. (If you check out the 4203848203 news about DB, 1582 is usually covered so you can see a bit of it lol) Most reports of these are quite spazzy and is supposed to be a real sight to behold. :< I hope they release a dvd this year...

    Kibou Yell/Zukkoke - Kame was apparently in a really good mood and really into the songs, even more so than the other two lol

    during Kibou Yell he shook his butt during the "Hurray hurray(that was the lyrics... right?)" part, during Zukkoke he would do pelvic thrusts at the "boom boom" part

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:51 pm

    9/8, 9/9's show:
    The park scene
    One of the jrs (named Jecie apparently?) said they wanted to be an entertainer in English or something so (after saying "Say that kind of stuff to Akanishi-kun") Kame started going "Nice to meet you! My name is Kazuya!". Then the jr was like remember my name k? Kame: "OK! Your name is Jecie"

    At the wharf scene (this is pretty much the scene where they play now lol)

    Tego sang a part of DUES but Kame didn't respond so Tego asked him to at least say something, Kame responded that he usually would but he didn't because his head's blank lol

    At the end of the wharf scene Kame usually goes out with some Yankumi reference (at least so far lol) and for the first show it was "Yankumi's in a pinch.. but I have to come out at the right timing... not yet..." then he suddenly shouted "Yankumi!" and left

    During Miso Soup, Subaru gave Tego some "money" and Tego changed his line to "I got $50", then Kame gave him some while saying "Go buy miso with this"

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Wed Sep 09, 2009 6:37 pm

    9/9 2nd show

    After Kame and Tego do the "Bye~" to each other
    Kame: White one, bye bye to you too~
    Kawai: It's not "White one", it's Kawai!

    Wharf scene

    Tego: *opera like* I wanted to meet~ I wanted to meet you~ Kazuya~
    Kame: *opera like* I~ don't get~ your character~

    Kame's perf of 1582 changed a bit
    While flying he takes off the right shoulder of the robe and then at the end he exposes the other shoulder too

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by kitt on Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:42 pm

    *.* such a great reports!!!! that girl really pay attention to the entire thing and dont miss anything *-* so lucky!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!!!!

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by diyana on Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:40 pm

    thx you so much about the report
    I'm waiting for the next report
    I hope the show will end save adan success

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by r1on on Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:20 am

    A(*゚ー゚*)R(ー゚* )I(゚ )G( )A( ゚)T(* ゚ー)O(*゚▽゚*)ノ~☆

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Thu Sep 10, 2009 6:30 am

    Flowers also came from:
    Kuroki Meisa
    Horitaka Maki

    Zoom-Sata sent flowers to all 3 of the guys, but Kame's was specially addressed to "Kamenashi Kazuya, Zoom-Sata's producer"

    Nishioka updated his blog so I'll translate the bit relating to DB in a bit.


    Tomocchi's 1st day report cont.

    ・Aishiteiru kara (Kame! Enters on stage while holding a guitar and sits on the bench, he plays the guitar and sings but only the beginning part! [It's been reported that Kame's been singing more of the song from the 2nd show onwards])
    Naoki「That's a nice song! A great person must have made it! A proper person!」
    With that reaction, he quickly hides his exposed chest and buttons his shirt all the way to the top! *laughs*
    Naoki「Undoubtedly a great person!」
    Kazuya「Oh? Ooh! *laughs*」
    while saying that he unbuttons his shirt with pride, fully showing his chest! *laughs*
    And then to the jr that was at the very left
    Kazuya「You're fair-skinned! That fair-ness is a keep! *laughs*
    This song, I made it」
    Jr on the right「Kazuya did? Wooow」← doesn't recite the lines smoothly at all
    Kazuya「Hyahya!!!! The way you talk is cute~♪ *laughs*」
    Naoki「Kazuya, let's play!!!」fair-skinned Jr「Play with me!」
    Jr that can't speak「Let's pl-ay-!! Play with me!!!」
    Like that, Kazuya was pulled by the 3!Kyahaha! This image is super cute! *laughs*
    Kazuya「What do you guys want to be in the future?」
    fair-skinned Jr「I want to become the best entertainer in the world!!!」
    Kazuya「Keep that fairness! *laughs*」
    fumbled lines Jr「I want to be the #1 entertainer in Shinza!」
    Kazuya「Kyahahaha! Eh, what's Shinza? The name of a place?」
    fumbled lines Jr「of Saitama prefecture」
    Kazuya「Gyahaha! *roar of laughter*
    Btw, your face is smooth! Teach me how you wash your face afterwards? *laughs*」
    Kazuya「It was fun for me around your age too. But they left such a cute me」
    fair Jr「Eh, cute!? Where!?」←fumbled with his words a bit
    Kazuya「If you're going to say it, do it properly! *laughs*」
    3 guys「Bye-!!!!」
    Like that the 3 waved their hands and left the stage
    but Kazuya left on the stage had a hurried expression
    but it turns out
    Kazuya「Eh!? Wasn't it decided that you guys would carry the bench!?
    I'm the chairman!!!!!! CHAIRMAN!!!!! *laughs*」
    So the chairman himself carried the bench and left *laughs*)

    I kinda did this part fast so there might be a few mistakes

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by kytez on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:23 am

    I really like reports cries I'm very thankful to you and your friends♥️♥️♥️ thank you! banzai!

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:38 am

    Thank all the Kame fans out there for all the nice reports~ I'm just translating them xD

    DB live photosets will be sold starting today
    Oh yeah, check the downloads section

    Seems like flowers came from Hidaka Noriko too (remember the voice actress for Minami that Kame talked about in Fine?)

    Sorry to anybody who wants to know more about Tego/Subaru btw, I don't check theirs but I think Tego might have gotten flowers from Becky... I forget. orz I just follow Kame blog/threads so I only know the ones that are addressed to him. xP

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by chibiten on Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:58 am

    Wow~ Thanks so much for your detailed translations~ They're highly appreciated. I'm all spazzy and I doubt I'll be coherent if I actually go through all the flail-worthy bits. Gah, I wanna see 1582 and Aishiteru Kara in DB T_T Actually I haven't seen any fancam of aishiteru kara yet...which is kinda sad >.> But anyhoo, I love how so many people are sending Kame flowers hearts! Meisa...Maki...So cute. I guess I can only say PLEASE JOHNNY GIVE US A DVD T_T PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:08 am

    chibiten- I want to see Lost my Way. D: I've read soooo many good reports on it and how everyone was impressed with the dancing that it's driving me crazy lol. x.x I want to see DB's 1582 too... They'll probably release a dvd considering that it has KAT-TUN/K8/NEWS in it, but we can only hope in the end. I'll message you about something.

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:44 pm

    live photoset previews

    Shall put up pamph previews soon too

    9/10 (1st con) reports

    During the opening where they talk about "can Subaru become the champ?", Tego hugged him from behind and so did Kame.

    During the wharf scene, Tego appears as (Bob?) Dylan, Kame becomes Dylan too and
    Tego: I'm Dylan
    Kame: I'M Dylan

    Real Face
    Subaru did the tongue clicking "chi", except it wasn't a cool/sexy "chi" or anything, he just did a monotone reading-like "chi" so everyone LOL'ed XD

    Miso Soup
    Kame winked to Subaru and gathered the sparkly streamers (?), Subaru then took that and sprinkled it on Tegoshi

    Kame went to where Teogshi was standing and fixed Tegoshi's necktie/hat/pat his clothes. Subaru then went to where Tegoshi was standing, did nothing, then went back. XDD

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by annneonet on Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:43 pm

    Pamphlet previews


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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by zsuness on Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:09 am

    Thanks a lot for the translations/repos.

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by mfeje210 on Fri Sep 11, 2009 12:26 pm

    Thank you very much for sharing all your translated DB reports.
    I really wish that there will be a DVD DB of this year.
    If only i could watch it live it might be awesome to see it especially with all the translated reports that i've read here.
    But sad to say i had no money to go to Japan.
    Just hoping only for the DVD to be release.

    WOW! Those pamphlet and live photoset are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing them.

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

    Post by mindpower on Fri Sep 11, 2009 8:37 pm

    Thanks for all the translation. I do visit those blogs frequently but my Japs are so bad that I only got about 40% at most of what was written.

    I just so need to thank you so I register.

    P/s: hi mfeje, see u are also here... seems to bump into u at AF & LJ and now here.

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    Re: Kame at Dreamboys 2009

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