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    Fukuyama Mashaharu's Tamashii no Radio (6/6/09)


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    Fukuyama Mashaharu's Tamashii no Radio (6/6/09)

    Post by annneonet on Sat Jul 25, 2009 12:01 am

    This was after Kame guested on TamaRaji. He had gone to Fukuyama's concert and some fans saw him so they sent a mail (to both Masha and Kame actually lol so this was also mentioned on K's by K's).


    A: (the announcer dude that Idk the name to)
    F: Fukuyama Masaharu

    A: This one is from Fukuoka's Takako-chan. "Good Evening"
    F: "Good Evening"
    A: "It seems that Kamenashi-kun went to Fukuyama's concert two days in a row."
    F: Was it two days?
    A: Two days?
    F: It's one right?
    A: One? "It seems that Kamenashi-kun was in high spirits and sang along to the songs. What does Fukuyama-san think about that sort of Kamenashi-kun?"
    F: Kazuya? Kazuya's cute.
    A: They said he was in high spirits and sang along
    F: Kazuya's cool and cute
    A: *laugh* Did you guys meet afterwards?
    F: Yeah, we did we did. Ah, we had something like an interview for some magazine too
    A: At once, this is shortening the distance between the two of you
    F: That's right, huh. But isn't it a good thing?
    ?: Although to say it that objectively is kinda eh (can't tell who says this part)
    A: A lot of people came and wrote on their blogs and such that Kamenashi-kun came (to the con)
    F: Ah really?
    A: Yes, so Takako-chan wrote this mail in response
    F: Ah I see

    Sorry, at the end the both of them talk in kinda low voices so I can't tell them apart in some parts. gah!

    I hope the two of them can work together again at some point~ kya!

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    Re: Fukuyama Mashaharu's Tamashii no Radio (6/6/09)

    Post by chibiten on Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:50 am

    Thanks so much!

    kya! Masha calling Kame cute~ It really seems like they have a good relationship, ne? I hope they can work on a drama together or collaborate on a song...

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    Re: Fukuyama Mashaharu's Tamashii no Radio (6/6/09)

    Post by aeria on Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:55 pm

    Thanks for the translation as always. Oh, and also for the audio Cool

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    Re: Fukuyama Mashaharu's Tamashii no Radio (6/6/09)

    Post by ecasolo on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:03 pm

    Thanks again)

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    Re: Fukuyama Mashaharu's Tamashii no Radio (6/6/09)

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