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    NAO's blog (6/1/09)


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    NAO's blog (6/1/09) Empty NAO's blog (6/1/09)

    Post by annneonet on Thu Jul 23, 2009 12:38 am

    NAO is the writer of White X'mas. This is more like a KAT-TUN mention but Kame's in KAT-TUN and he does mention him specifically once. =3=

    Starting from when he talks about going to the con

    Some parts of this are kinda hard to translate for me so please look at the notes. orz

    Back from Kyocera Dome

    Yesterday, I went to KAT-TUN's concert @ Kyocera Dome☆

    Taguchi-kun invited me (>_<)

    I went to the waiting room to talk before it started♪

    I was already ウキャウキャ.

    Of course I brought a "gift".

    And then the seat I was shown was...

    an arena seat right in the middle and in right front of the stage...

    While controlling my slight embarrassment,
    my tension rose when the concert began.

    Moreover, Taguchi-kun knew where I was sitting, so it seemed he really paid attention to me.
    We're both guys but I experienced the concert while pointing fingers☆

    I began to feel the same as everyone ☆

    Furthermore there was a continuos feeling of
    「Kamenashi-kun is looking this way-!!」!

    No, he definitely looked (laugh)

    Speaking of which, one person from Kansai Junior-san?
    maybe he was surprised that there was a guy like this in the middle of all the girls but he looked twice and his eyes got round (laugh)

    In the middle of that, I heard it.

    White X'mas live♪

    Many thoughts circled in my head, but
    once the song starts, from then on it becomes KAT-TUN's world.

    I was simply engrossed in it.

    Of course I was moved, but
    wrapped in sound, the member's voices and sound which dissolved in the dome's air,
    even now it is engraved in my ears.


    What I heard here,
    once more expanded my thoughts/feelings.

    At that time a madam fan said while crying,



    「Thank you for (making) such a good song (T-T)」


    What what is this, KAT-TUN fan (tears)

    I died when I heard those words(^^; )

    I'm too ha-ppy.

    I'd like to hear it again.
    Not the White X'mas that I made,
    but the world that those guys create.

    That's right.

    Amongst these various things,
    Taguchi-kun used it.

    The items I gave as a gift: 「Nandeyanen paper fan (slapstick)」 and 「Nandeyanen folding fan」!!

    What I bought while thinking "What an interesting thing!",
    he used it.

    I'm happy-!! Seriously-!!

    Really, I'm back after honestly having fun!!

    Taguchi-kun thank you, seriously!!
    You did this much for me, I was super happy.

    Next time, if we go eat together I'll treat you as I promised!! (laugh)

    Also, to the madam who sat next to me and taught me various thing about KAT-TUN,
    thank you very much (laugh)
    I was able to enjoy it even more thanks to you ☆

    I really want to go agaaain!!

    That was KAT-TUN's concert @ Kyocera Dome which made me think such thoughts♪

    ウキャウキャ - I'm not exactly sure what this means... something to do with smiling/laughing-ish

    The "gift" = omiyage. In Japan, it is proper etiquette to bring a gift when visiting someone.

    "nandeyanen" is Kansaiben for "why"... kinda used in response to something that seems ridiculous or whatnot

    Am I forgetting anything? confused

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    Post by r1on on Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:45 am

    ィエイ v゚ロ゚)☆Thanks☆(゚ロ゚v イエィ

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    Post by ecasolo on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:30 pm


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