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    Welcome to Sixteen Seconds!


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    Welcome to Sixteen Seconds! Empty Welcome to Sixteen Seconds!

    Post by annneonet on Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:00 am

    Welcome! Although I lost interest for a little while, Kame pulled me right back in and now I'm more obsessed than ever. tongue Although I would've just continued on with Only-Kame, it's just awkward and not right without Annie. Crying or Very sad

    First of all, sorry about the layout. I know there are still things out of place, but they changed something while I was away so it's best if I leave everything alone until it's time for a new layout. ._.' I might screw everything up ahaha

    Hopefully this will become a positive and happy place where all Kame fans (and KAT-TUN fans) can have fun. Very Happy Everything will be on a semi-test run until I decide (with some input from you guys) what works best.

    Definitely need new smilies though... that'll come soon. No offense to the makers or anything but... umm... .___.

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