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    Various Kame mentions by Jrs in Aug's idol mags


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    Various Kame mentions by Jrs in Aug's idol mags

    Post by annneonet on Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:14 am

    source: http://ameblo.jp/kat-tun-kk/entry-10300939997.html

    From the idol mags in Aug... various Jrs. mentioned Kame...


    I don't know the members of FIVE so I'm just leaving the kanji there. x.x

    From the talk about Tokyo Dome's bath...

    上:Kamenashi began a scary urban legend-kind of story like "You know, the dome's bath..." I seriously became scared (laugh)

    牧:Because it seems as if Kamenashi has baseball related acquaintances, it seems real huh.

    上:Speaking of the bath, we played around spraying water right.

    石:Yeah. We exchanged looks, gave signs, and everyone sprayed water all at once. I thought about doing it to Kame too, but I thought that there would be trouble if he got upset so I stopped (laugh)

    中:Right right. If there were a lot of people we would've done it, but there weren't that many

    牧:Yeah. Then a little after, Kamenashi sprayed water on Kawai in a fun manner. It was like "Ah, what, Kame wanted to do it to!" (laugh)

    Uekusa Yuuta

    Before during 「Shonen Club」, there was a time when I sang Kamenashi-kun's 「Kizuna」, and at that time I was able to sing together with Kamenashi-kun...
    Moreover, after the song ended, I was moved because he patted my head.
    Song, dance, acting, all these things is of the person I aspire to be. I respect him!

    Kiriyama Akito

    You helped me out during 「Gokusen」.
    You aren't forgetting about the promise to go out and eat sushi next time right?
    Please take me out no matter what.
    Also, thank you for treating me kindly during KAT-TUN's concert.
    Even after this, when you aren't busy please reply to my mail.
    Also, I'm counting on the monjayaki that Mokomichi-kun and Kamenashi-kun promised to take me out to too!

    Again, Kiriyama... from a talk with Takaki

    Costar's Episode
    Kamenashi-kun and I were on good terms for the whole time.
    Like acting unreasonably to Kamenashi-kun during conversations, returning the joke because I'm given the cold shoulder first (by Kame), after that, trying to call him 「Kazuya」 casually (laugh).
    Teasing a senpai, I did something that would normally be impossible!
    Because I did it so much, Kamenashi-kun created a "Kazuya stamp".
    Every time I meddled with him I would get 1 stamp, and if I get 10 stamps I get hit by Kamenashi-kun. By the way, I gathered 9 stamps. (laugh)

    I had trouble wording some of this stuff. =[]=' But I always like to read about senpai-kohai interactions. ^^;

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    Re: Various Kame mentions by Jrs in Aug's idol mags

    Post by kytez on Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:00 am

    This is cute d(>w<)b and I LOLed at Kiriyama XD he already got 9 stamps XD I hope there's more Kame mentions from the Jrs Smile

    thanks for the translations Very Happy

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    Re: Various Kame mentions by Jrs in Aug's idol mags

    Post by ecasolo on Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:36 pm

    How interesting, thank you)

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    Re: Various Kame mentions by Jrs in Aug's idol mags

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