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    Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03)


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    Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03) Empty Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03)

    Post by annneonet on Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:13 pm

    Kiriyama Akito and Nakama Junta talked about Kame on the Kansai Jr's radio show.

    Kiriyama: After we finished filming, we went eating together again and things like that. Mokomichi-kun too… Also, it was my first time working with Kamenashi-kun… how was he?

    Nakama: Kamenashi-kun huh~ He was completely different from what I imagined. He talked to us a lot and stuff!

    K: Yeah yeah yeah

    N: I thought that he was a “cool” type who wouldn’t talk to us even when we were together, but he was the one to say something to us so I was really happy!

    K: And one more thing, we had something we wanted to say to Kamenashi-kun so he told us his phone number, to the six of us…

    N: Uh huh

    K: But at first, he wouldn’t tell me his phone number, only me! If I did something interesting [because he said so] he’d only tell me 090… everyone knows that! 090 (laugh) [090 is the area code for most Japanese cell phones lol]… Then Kamenashi-kun took us out to eat

    N: We went right~

    K: Then Junta-kun and Yuuya-kun sent thank you messages [to Kame]... I sent one too! Then the next day, they got replies!

    N: Yes we did!

    K: Only I didn’t get one~! It’s strange (laugh). Well, now I get them too and when I got to go on a concert I told him “I’ll be appearing in the concert” he replied with “What a bother~”. But he’s really nice to us

    Don't you just love Kiriyama x Kame interactions? xD Sorry, I don't have the audio for this.

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    Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03) Empty Re: Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03)

    Post by ecasolo on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:30 pm

    Kame gave his phone number XD
    Akanishi would kill Kame for this *thinking of heyx3 2006*

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    Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03) Empty Re: Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03)

    Post by chibiten on Mon Oct 12, 2009 1:39 am

    OMG Kame really loves bullying Akito ROFL But I bet he only bullies those he really likes/finds interesting XD Thank you for this!

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    Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03) Empty Re: Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03)

    Post by kytez on Mon Oct 12, 2009 6:56 pm

    he did say he bullies those people he likes Razz a.k.a. nakamaru kya!

    this is really cute XD I like how they're beginning to be really friendly with each other Very Happy i hope they go hang out more often Smile as a good sempai he is Wink ah if only we have the audio XD

    thank you very much for this Very Happy

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    Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03) Empty Re: Mogitate Kan-Juice [Kiriyama & Nakama] (2009.10.03)

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